Club Competitions 2020

All rounds will be play by dates, once you have fixed the game up please book your rink using the booking system, please use the name spaces for all player names and markers name if required.


Championship singles will be standard first to 21 shots with 4 Bowls. All games must have Markers provided by the challenger.


Handicap pairs will be 18 ends, the starting score will be the handicap difference i.e. Team 1 have a handicap of 8 and Team 2 have a handicap of 4, Team 1 will start 4-0 up


Note if booking a rink on a Friday Evening there are 3 spare rinks due to the Friday Night Triples. Only Championship Matches get preference over this league.


If you win how to submit your result? Email – with your name, your opponents name, competition & score. You will then receive an email reply to confirm your result and the name of your next opponent along with their email.