Evening Triples League Rules

1.  Competition will be Open Triples (i.e. any combination of ladies and / or men).

2.  Matches will be 16 ends – No trial ends and 1 shot on the first two ends.

3.  All matches to start at 6:00pm

4.  Points will be awarded as follows;

      Win              3 points

      Draw            1 point

      Loss             No points

5.  Ties will be split on shot difference.

6.  Substitutes may be used subject to the following;

      A substitute may attract a shot penalty of up to six shots at the organiser’s discretion.

      A substitute may not play at Skip.

7.  Late arrival penalty

      Where a team member arrives late the non-offending side will be awarded 2 shots for each five minutes.

      If a team is not ready to start 20 minutes after the scheduled start the match will be forfeited with a 12-0 win to the non-                        offending side.

8    In the event of inclement weather teams may agree to:

  • play a shortened game of not less than six ends. The number of ends to be played should be agreed in advance.

  • postpone the game. The rescheduled match should be played no later than two weeks from the original date.

  • declare the game a draw for a point each.