Rink Booking 2020

Rinks can only be booked by members who have paid their 2020 subscription and only on the days there membership allows them to.

Please note all bookings are on a first come, first served basis!

At most 5 Rinks of 4 people maximum on the green and in the area at any one time will be permitted via the booking system. This means NO spectators permitted.


Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to; you must remain at least two meters apart from other bowlers (who are not part of your household) at all times.

Every Wednesday session at 1pm will be for people 70+ & those in the vulnerable category ONLY!


All bookings will be for a 1 Hour 40 minutes period this allows a space between your practice and that of the next person.


Due to the government’s need for contact traceability when booking please name the other individual you’re booking with even if they are from your household.

On visiting the club



  • Only exit your vehicle or enter the bowling green area (From the gate) when it is your time.


On the Green

All quipment can be used that is in the main shed, this includes;-

  • Mats

  • Jacks

  • 2 Metre Sticks

  • Ditch Markers

  • Scorecards


If using pushers, 2 metre sticks, ditch markers or scoreboards please ensure only one person in your group is using them.

Please sanitize these items before you play with items in the equipment shed, to help prevent any cross contamination if you can bring your own sanitiser to use we actively encourage this.


  • Once you have the equipment please proceed to your rink for your practice.


A first aid box can be found in the equipment shed should you need it during your practice session.


When you’re finished

When you finish playing, change your shoes and leave the club immediately – ensuring that you have sanitized all equipment used.


If you brought any drinks or snacks please take the packaging away with you as NO bins will be available.