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What You Need To Know


For the Beginner
If you are new to bowls, in the early stages you won't have to buy a set of bowls. Bowls are provided for our Taster Sessions, but flat-soled shoes are essential.

For the New Bowler

You will need a set of bowls and a pair of bowls shoes. 


Each set of bowls has 4 identical bowls. They come in a range of colours and sizes to suit you. Bowls are produced by a number of manufacturers so there is plenty of choice. Other than size and colour the main difference between different models of bowls is the bias.

Shoes: There is a wide range of bowls shoes available, which are designed to protect the b

There is a wide range of bowls shoes available in many colours, which are designed to protect the bowling surface. The main feature of these shoes is the flat sole with minimal grip and no heel.


Bowls Carrier
A bowls carrier is a good thing to have. These come in many different models and are an easy way to carry your bowls.

Other equipment
Other items which the more experienced bowler will have are a measure, chalk and possibly some wedges. All are readily available from bowls equipment suppliers.

Spray Chalk
The chalk is used to mark a bowl that has touched the jack.


The measure is used to decide which bowl is closest to the jack.


Wedges are used to support a bowl during the measuring process.


Bias: The built-in bias of the bowl determines the line of curvature that the bowl travels over the Green. More information can be found on the bowls manufacturers’ websites.

Rink: The green is divided into rinks. Westlecot's Indoor Green has 5 rinks and the Outdoor Greens have 6 rinks each. 

To get an idea of what bowls is all about, watch the video below of the last end of the National Ladies Pairs Final 2021 featuring Westlecot's own Lucy & Katy Smith.

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